Inspire Me is a specialized institute for training and artistic production in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. A variety of training courses, in-person and online courses “remotely”. InspireMe Institute – one of the pioneers in graphic training training. Graphic design. The institute was established in 2009 under the management of the international consultant, expert and trainer Medhat Eid – the ambassador of Adobe International Company – the Middle East region. The institute provides training in the field of typographic design, web, video and creative arts. The institute is equipped with modern, ready-made equipment, of the highest quality from the institute after their enrollment in the professional courses.


The Inspire Me Institute adopts a vision that aims to raise the level of education in the field of graphic design, visual communication and the arts in particular in the Middle East, for individuals and large institutions, by providing trainees with the required skills, and the Institute is working to develop training programs that respond to the requirements of the labor market in the region.