Creativity Conference (Sparks Innovation in Graphic Design)

Led by international coach Medhat Eid

Inspire me at a glance

Inspire Me is a creative conference dedicated to the Middle East that has been held annually in Jordan since 2010. The idea was developed through the Adobe MAX conference, which was established in the United States of America. The conference consists of three days with over 500 creative thinkers coming from across the Middle East sharing innovative techniques in graphic design and introducing participants to the latest Adobe technologies. It’s where you learn about graphic design, creative industry trends, new products, new technologies, and how the power of creativity affects the world. Created and founded by Medhat Eid, Inspire ME is one of the most famous and powerful creativity conferences in the Middle East, covering the latest developments in the world of Adobe. Monthly Inspire ME workshops, seminars, and panel discussions are held throughout the year in order to spread knowledge in the Jordanian design community, especially among creative entrepreneurs and startups in order to discover and hone their talents.

Conference abbreviation

The Inspire Me conference includes workshops, discussions and presentations of success stories in the field of graphic design, as well as an overview of the latest developments in graphic design software.

It’s the Creative Professionals Conference, an opportunity for designers, developers, video professionals, photographers and more to come together to learn about the latest technologies, techniques, and strategies to bring your best creative work forward. Not to mention the opportunities for brainstorming and networking that exist.

keynote speaker

Adobe International Ambassador – Middle East:

International consultant, expert and coach Medhat Eid

Medhat Eid, the international consultant, expert and trainer for graphic design, is considered one of the first Arabs and the most internationally involved in Adobe International, as he holds more than 48 international certificates. Medhat Eid, the international consultant, expert and trainer, started his career as a graphic designer in 1992 and led the training of the graphic design revolution in Jordan since 2003. Medhat Eid, the international consultant, expert and trainer for graphic design, is considered one of the first Arabs and the most internationally involved with Adobe International. More than 48 international certificates. He is one of the prominent activists responsible for organizing Adobe conferences, seminars, and workshops in Jordan and the Middle East.

The Inspire Me conference initiative, which was established by Medhat Eid, is considered one of the most famous and strongest creativity conferences in the Middle East, which contains the latest developments of international companies in the field of graphic design, photography and social media programs. On the sidelines, workshops, seminars and monthly dialogue sessions are held throughout the year in order to spread knowledge among all creative layers of society, especially for youth, university and college students, entrepreneurs and startups, to hone and discover their talents.

Medhat Eid is one of the first Arabs to participate in the Max International Conference, where he was chosen as an assistant to the most famous trainers in the world, as well as his global participation in the annual Adobe Pavilion in the Make a Masterpiece Adobe project this year. Eid also participated in Adobe’s annual “Make a Masterpiece Adobe” project. To develop technical strategic plans and find practical solutions for their technical and creative departments, and he currently holds the title of Adobe Creative Insider Ambassador

Vision Inspire Me

Our main goal from this conference is to introduce the Arab design community to the latest Adobe technologies and to provide live demonstrations by international design experts.

On a larger scale, Inspire me is flourishing to interact with Arab graphic designers and graphic influencers to serve as a springboard for further design innovation in the region.

the target audience:

As the name suggests, we welcome individuals and companies whether they are beginners or professionals seeking creativity and inspiration to attend the conference, such as:

Graphic, Web, or Multidisciplinary Designer. Artistic creative directors. Video, film and animation. Professional photographers. Adobe Creative Cloud Partners. Technology or business strategist. Marketing managers. Social media designers. University and college students. Anyone interested in Adobe products.

We’ve got an agenda full of great speakers, tracks, peeks, and more. Choose from over 15 sessions taught by industry leaders and Adobe experts to maximize your creative experience from all five Inspire ME tracks:

Design and Creativity – Web Experiences – Digital Publishing – Games – Videos and more.